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Cooperation with Philological School of Higher Education in Poland

Cooperation with Philological School of Higher Education in Poland

On 7th April 2016, Chongqing Dear Child Kindergarten and Philological School of Higher Education in Wroclaw (WSF), Poland, concluded cooperation agreement on teacher training.

The purpose of the cooperation is to organize a pedagogical training in our Kindergarten for students and graduate students of the School. The teacher training is related to the preparation for the profession of a teacher of English language to children in the first stage of education.

Philological School of Higher Education (WSF) is a dynamic, rapidly developing and renowned university specializing exclusively in modern languages and literature studies.

WSF is known for the care and attention that it puts into the quality of teaching, which is ensured by careful selection of its academic faculty and high standards of education. WSF uses a modern interdisciplinary program based on original programs of its professors. It includes a perfectly coordinated system of lectures, seminars, tutorials and workshops. Such system fully prepares students for work in the foreign language education, translations, tourism, business, media, editing, or social and cultural management.

WSF received a very high evaluation by the Polish Accreditation Committee (PKA), an independent body that evaluates the quality of higher education institutions in Poland. The PKA evaluates very closely all aspects of a school’s activity and drafts a detailed report on its findings. On the basis of the reports of experts and in comparison with the quality of education in other philological faculties in Poland, in 2012 the PKA awarded the Philological School of Higher Education the highest note – an outstanding assessment!